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Transparency campaigners demand ban on lobby related side jobs for MEPs

Publication date: 
mardi, May 31, 2011
Press release issued by: 
The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU)

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU) will today give evidence to a senior group of MEPs at a hearing(1) in the European Parliament. "A large number of Members of the European Parliament combine their position as an MEP with paid side-jobs that involve lobbying and raise 'conflict of interest' questions."


MEPs and second jobs - Time to regulate

Publication date: 
lundi, May 30, 2011
CEO, in cooperation with LobbyControl, with additional research of Spinwatch

New research by Corporate Europe Observatory, LobbyControl and Spinwatch (all 3 steering committee members of ALTER-EU) shows that 35 per cent of MEPs from across 13 member states have second jobs or paid outside financial interests.

Download full document as pdf: 

Paul de Clerck on ethical lobbying

Publication date: 
mercredi, March 30, 2011

Paul de Clerck, spokesperson of ALTER-EU and campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, talked with a French journalist about lobbying transparency and the latest scandal involving members of the European Parliament that tabled amendments in return for money or lucrative lobby jobs in a 'sting' operationthe of the UK paper 'the Sunday Times'.



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