ALTER-EU contribution to the Ombudsman's public consultation on public service principles for EU civil servants

Publication date: 
vendredi, May 13, 2011

ALTER-EU's contribution to the public consultation of the European Ombudsman on public service principles for EU civil servants.

Executive summary / policy recommendations: 

Our view is that the EU institutions at this point in time do not have sufficiently clear and detailed internal rules on conflicts of interest. ALTER-EU has for several years advocated a review of the Staff Regulations to ensure clear rules that avoid conflicts of interest, for instance related to post-employment choices of Commission and EU agency officials.

The European Commission, it seems, has chosen a soft approach rather than clear, detailed rules. ALTER-EU will continue to advocate improvements in the Staff Regulations, particularly a cooling-off period of several years for Commission officials going through the revolving door into jobs that involve lobbying.

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