In Brussels, the political heart of the European Union, extreme corporate influence often distorts the political process, either blocking progress where it is sorely needed or leading to policies t
ALTER-EU's reacts to the collapse of negotiations to deliver mandatory EU lobby transparency.

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Members of the European Parliament from all political groups have urged an overhaul of the rules for expert groups. ALTER-EU believes the time is right for civil society groups to come together and demand that the Commission ensures balanced representation and transparency.
The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU) has today written to the ten members of the European Parliament's new working group on ethics and transparency reforms following the ‘cash-for-influence’ scandal.
ALTER-EU: Task force must ban MEPs from taking industry jobs on the side
This is the third ALTER-EU newsletter, and it follows some very turbulent weeks inside the Brussels bubble (and beyond).
This is the second ALTER-EU newsletter, and like last time, there is a lot to share.