Open letter to and response from Health Commissionner Mr Dalli regarding new details revolving door case former head of EMA Mr Lönngren

Publication date: 
Wednesday, February 8, 2012
HAI-E, Formindep, ALTER-EU

Open letter of Health Action International (Europe), Formindep and ALTER-EU.

Executive summary / policy recommendations: 

A relationship between the head of a regulatory body and a private firm advising clients on how to ease regulatory hurdles raises concerns about the potential for an abuse of office. This practice ultimately casts doubt on the independence of the EMA. It would, therefore, be in the EMA’s best interests to review and improve its rules governing the post-employment circumstances of its former staff to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibility to declare negotiations regarding future jobs. See the letter in full attached. Update: Following correspondence with Dr Lönngren, the press statement of 19 December 2011 that accompanied this letter has now been amended and the revised statement is available here:

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