Ten policy recommendations for a strengthened MEP Code of Conduct

Publication date: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Four years after the 2011 'cash for amendments' scandal in the European Parliament, and three years after the adoption of the Code of Conduct for MEPs, ALTER-EU believes that it is time for a review of the rules for MEPs to ensure that conflicts of interest and undue influence are avoided. Our new briefing Ten policy recommendations for a strengthened MEP Code of Conduct sets out ALTER-EU's proposals which include a ban on side jobs with companies or groups that are involved in EU lobbying. We also recommend tighter disclosure requirements for outside financial interests; a strengthened ethics advisory committee; and stronger sanctions for violations of the rules.


Executive summary / policy recommendations: 

ALTER-EU's 10 policy recommendations are as follows:

  1. Ban MEPs from advising or providing other lobby services to companies influencing the European Parliament
  2. Ensure that the Code of Conduct includes measures to tackle and prevent possible conflicts of interests when they occur
  3. Better define a conflict of interest
  4. Tighten disclosure requirements for outside financial interests
  5. Reform and extend the mandate of the advisory committee
  6. Augment the existing remedies and/ or sanctions and ensure these are being applied when conflicts of interest occur
  7. Prevent attempts of policy capture of individual members in their duties
  8. Acknowledge that the risks of MEPs going through the revolving door when leaving office are real
  9. Tighten guidelines in relation to gifts and hospitality funded by third parties
  10. Address the lack of transparency rules for European Parliament cross-party groups
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