MEPs 'should be banned from jobs involving lobbying'

Publication date: 
Monday, April 11, 2011
Martin Banks
Media title: 
The Parliament Magazine

ALTER-EU: "It is unacceptable that MEPs are on the payroll of industry."


Olivier Hoedeman, spokesperson for Alter-EU: "It is unacceptable that MEPs are on the payroll of industry, European citizens must be guaranteed that MEPs are working solely to represent their voters. Second jobs can easily lead to conflicts of interest and should be curbed." Alter-EU calls for a ban on all jobs that involve lobbying or which in other ways can lead to conflict of interests.

Paul de Clerck, also of Alter-EU, said: "We agree with Buzek that a mandatory lobby register is needed, he should pressure the European commission to agree to that. "Now that the MEP task force is developing new and more ambitious transparency rules, the ongoing process to approve a new voluntary joint register of commission and parliament should be suspended. "If the commission is unwilling, parliament should develop unilateral steps to make the register mandatory and with comprehensive and reliable information about EU lobbying."