Rules of conduct for MEPs must be strict

Publication date: 
Thursday, April 14, 2011
Paul de Clerck
Media title: 
European Voice

“[G]etting rid of corporate retainers would be a sensible start” to changing the culture within the European Parliament that led to the ‘cash-for-influence’ scandal.


[T]o avoid conflicts of interest [...] MEPs should not be able to take on any additional jobs that have any
lobbying element. Being an MEP is a responsible and full-time job, and MEPs do not require any additional income.

We also propose that there should be:

  • Strict rules to ensure that MEPs do not receive money, gifts or hospitality above €50 from lobbyists;
  • Effective prosecution of corruption;
  • Elimination of the ‘revolving door’, with a two-year cooling-off period for MEPs once they have left the Parliament.
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