Public debate on conflict of interest (3 February): quotes, footage, recordings and coverage

Publication date: 
Friday, February 11, 2011

"I am calling for more glasnost for former EU commissioners." (Lothar Bisky)

"There is a problem when former commissioners hold a public office – namely that they’re being paid twice by taxpayers." (Ingeborg Graessle)

"We need not only a review of the Code of Conduct for Commissioners but also of the Staff Regulations, to close the ‘revolving door’ and ensure citizens confidence in the Executive body of the European Union." (Nessa Childers)

"The Commission has to propose clear and simple rules" that was the unanimous conclusion of the MEPs that attended the public debate that ALTER-EU organised together with ‘Journalists at your service’ (J@ys) on 3 February.

Pictures of the event have been placed on ALTER-EU's photo page.

An integral recording of the event can be listened to here (login: natacha/pass word: natacha).

Media coverage can be found under 'ALTER-EU in the media'.