Full lobby transparency now!

Whether it is TTIP, austerity, internet data privacy, banking, climate change, or almost any other issue, lobbyists are working hard in Brussels and in our capital cities to influence policies and laws. And too many of these lobbyists are working for corporate interests, rather than the public interest.

We at ALTER-EU think it should be compulsory for all lobbyists to sign-up to a high-quality, legally-binding, lobby register. Improved lobby transparency will help us to know exactly who these lobbyists are, who they work for, how much they spend, and what laws and initiatives they are working on. If they outnumber public interests, lobby transparency will help us expose that, and bring more balance into the debate. If lobbyists are acting unethically or unscrupulously, lobby transparency can help us to reveal that too.

And if we demand that the EU institutions become more transparent, we should also make similar calls on our national governments too.

ALTER-EU demands

  • EU legislation for a high-quality, legally-binding lobby register by the end of 2017

  • Greater interest in, and proposals for, new high-quality lobby registers in EU member states. Read more about lobby transparency in the member states.

Transparency won't solve all problems to do with lobbying but it should force our decision-makers to listen to a greater number of voices and it will ensure that we can hold them to account if they don't.

We are working with our member groups and partners across Europe on this campaign. Please join us and get involved. You can organise a public debate or film screening; write to your MPs and MEPs; publish an article; carry out research and more...

To find out more and to get active, contact coordinator@alter-eu.org and follow us on Twitter: @ALTEREU #lobbytransparency

Read more about the detail of the campaign by checking out our frequently asked questions and our proposals for lobby register reform

Read more about our Full lobby transparency now! campaign in different EU member states



Our demands for the Inter-institutional negotiations on the EU Transparency Register

Publication date: 
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Before the start of the political negotiations on the EU Transparency Register ALTER-EU, Civil Society Europe and TI-EU have written a letter to the three main EU institutions demanding them to deliver an ambitious reform.

Download full document as pdf: 
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Over 20 NGOs urge European Parliament to fully implement Monsanto lobby ban

Publication date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017
Press release issued by: 
The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU)

One month after the European Parliament voted to ban pesticide manufacturer Monsanto from entering Parliament premises, 24 transparency and environment groups remind them to implement their decision as comprehensively and effectively as possible.



LSI - Episode 5 - Law and disorder

The European Commission needs to enforce a strict incentives-based regime that will encourage more lobbying law firms to enroll in the EU’s transparency register.

LSI - Episode 4 - The iceberg

Extending the “no registration, no meeting” rule from the Commission elite to lower-level officials would at once improve lobby transparency and protect civil servants. But the Commission has been actively avoiding to address this.

LSI - Episode 3 - Defining lobbying

The Commission wants to redefine lobbying during the upcoming revision of the EU lobby transparency register so that it only relates to direct contacts with EU decision-makers. But such a change of approach would allow certain lobbyists to operate under the radar, away from public scrutiny.

LSI - Episode 2 - The Council of the EU

The Council of the European Union is one of the most important institutions involved in the EU’s decision-making process. But despite a ruling by the highest EU court and increased demands from civil society, they refuse to sign up to the transparency register.

LSI - Episode 1 - Corporate capture

Two years after Dieselgate put the issue of corporate capture into the limelight, EU institutions have the perfect opportunity to get tough on lobbying, through a comprehensive reform of the EU lobby transparency.

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